Fully invested in late-stage innovation

Focused on the Finish

In the sport of rowing, strokes are divided into three phases: the catch, the drive, and the finish. Each plays a crucial role in efficiently propelling the boat forward.

Launch Tx provides biotech and biopharma companies with solutions that speed drug candidates’ path to market and connection with investors that provide development funding. Bridging expertise in regulatory strategy, clinical development, clinical operations, manufacturing, and commercialization, we forge a powerfully aligned team focused on the finish. Because as crew teams know: When we row as one, we win as one.

Think of Us as Your Engine Room

Seated in the middle of a boat, the “engine room” rowers play a crucial role in driving the team forward. These strong, skilled, experienced rowers closely coordinate with the rest of the crew to ensure the boat maintains proper balance, rhythm, and speed. Considered vital to the team’s success, the athletes in the engine room are recognized for their ability to create momentum and shake the competition. Likewise, Launch Tx plays a pivotal role in disrupting the clinical development paradigm; expediting the pathway for therapies to be approved; and ensuring our partners’ mutual success.

Together, We Deliver Excellence

A powerhouse of seasoned industry experts, the Launch Tx leadership team has achieved remarkable milestones and driven groundbreaking studies. Let's break it down by the numbers:


Phase 3 studies


years in drug development
leadership roles


assets brought to market