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Our Vision

What do a group of clinical development professionals and an historic British rowing team have in common? Their journeys began with a shared frustration – the feeling that there must be a better way. This frustration fueled a pivotal decision: Instead of following the status quo, we will strive to be the team that redefines the game.

You must dare to do things differently,
if you want to change the game.

Changing the Game:

It had been 88 years since the British rowing team had won a gold medal. By all measures, the very country that invented the sport of rowing didn’t have a good program. Something had to change.

While training for the 2000 Olympics, the team landed on a leadership epiphany – with singular focus, they would test every decision from equipment choices to practice times to dietary choices with one question: “Will it make the boat go faster?”

It worked. For the first time since 1912, Great Britain won the gold medal in the men’s eight, besting Australia by four-fifths of a second.

A Vision with an Edge:

The Launch Tx mission is to remove the barriers that stifle innovation and block the path to approval of life-changing therapies.

In 2022, with the support of Carlyle and Abingworth, Launch Tx CEO Anshul Thakral curated an exceptional team that propels its partners forward with a shared vision.

Launch Tx bridges the gap between our industry’s three critical domains – research, development, and commercialization. Our holistic perspective and streamlined approach slice through time-consuming and costly inefficiencies, accelerating the path and increasing the potential of bringing life-changing therapies to the people who need it most.